Mission : Safety & Planing First on work.
Vision : Quality & Services Comes First, Profit is its Logical Sequence.

Nandonick Group Profile

Allah creates the earth. Man creates the society. Tailor creates a gentleman. Gentleman creates the civilization. So “Nandanick Group of Architects Engineers Builds your Home/factory. We belong to an under develop country like Bangladesh. One of the main reasons of slow speed of development of our country is lack of planning know – how on building / house economic planning knowledge over all Bangladesh. The company base on consultant of  factory structure & building design area of RAJUK, CDA, KDA, RDA, & Over all Bangladesh on Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, & Compliance Engineering , Soil Test, Digital Survey for QA, Construction of Building, Supply & Installation of Telecommunication, Building Materials, Export & Import Also we are asset Valuation Survey Consultant of different Bank of Bangladesh. We have special product of Nandanick Aviation Light & controller (1 in1, 3 in 1, 6 in 1), Nandanick Solar System. Now we are Group Company (Nandanick Bangladesh, Nandanick Power Engineering Company, Nandanick Builders, Digital Construction Company) Bangladesh is a developing country. Population is growing faster in Bangladesh. Now we think that population is our main problem but Nandanick Bangladesh think that population is our Main Asset. In this moment Nandanick group need five hundred & Bangladesh needs five thousand Auto-Cad operators. Total world needs 5 Million Auto Cad Operator, for this reason Nandanick Bangladesh starts Training program by Nandanick Soft. The company has already completed a lot of projects while a few are in progress. These project are being carried out in accelerating the development activities in the country. We are trying our best to fill up the gaps , which are mainly responsible for the development of our country. This year our Mission Safety & Planning First on Work & Quality & Service Comes First, Profit is its Logical Sequence.

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