Mission : Safety & Planing First on work.
Vision : Quality & Services Comes First, Profit is it's Logical Sequence.

Services of Nandanick Group

Service on Consultancy.

Digital Survey Works.

  • Contour Survey.
  • Digital Survey.
  • Plain Table Survey.
  • Topographical
  • Pantragraph Survey.

Sub-Soil Investigation

  • The work of the company concerns Geological and Hydrological studies for housing, industries, roads, bridges and other engineering fusibilities in different sectors. We also provide technical data suggest for construction of appropriate and economical foundation for any sort of foundation.
  • i) Field investigation
  • a) Boring & recording of sub soil stratification
  • b) Execution of SPT
  • c) Execution of DSS
  • d) Execution of UDSS
  • e) Recording of grounding water table
  • ii) Lab investigation
  • a) Grain size analysis (sieve & hydrometer)
  • b) Moister Content test
  • c) Atterberg Limits (liquid & plastic limit)
  • d) Direct shear test
  • e) Consolidation test
  • f) Unconfined test
  • g) Unit test.

Structural Analysis

  • Analysis of residential
  • Academic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Hospital building
  • Telecommunication tower & all kind of steel & R.c.c structural considering vertical Load & live load, lateral seismic & wind load

Structural Design

  • Design of residential
  • Academic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Hospital building
  • Telecommunication tower & all kind of steel & R.c.c structural considering vertical Load & live load, lateral seismic & wind load

Cost Estimation With Specification

  • Total Project cost Estimating.
  • preparation of BOQ.
  • Prepare tender schedule.
  • Prepare bank loan schedule Building picture.


  • Land Valuation as per BBS (Bangladesh Bank Standard). Valuation of residential, Commercial, Industry, Factory Building & Certificates. a. IBBL b. ABL C. PBL d. Pubali Bank ltd f. City bank g. JBL h. BASIC Bank I. NCC bank j. SEBL

Detail Water supply,Sanitary & Plumbing design & drawing works

  • Layout of sewerage & water line.
  • Design of sewerage & Water line.
  • Design of septic tank & sock well.
  • Layout of fixtures & fittings.

Project Supervision Works

  • Detail full time supervision work by engaging Degree Engineer/Architect or Diploma Engineer.
  • Top Supervision by Chief structural Engineer/ architect .

Providing Social Compliance System.

  • Preparation of company policy manual.
  • Establish human resource Management activity as per internationally recommendation standards
  • Establish lawful procedure for calculation salary,over time and other allowances for the employees.
  • Execution of employees leaves allocation and policy of termination.
  • Implements employees common facilities as per international standards
  • Implements maintenance and use of safety equipment.
  • Practice regular fire fighting drill and maintain proper records.

Planning & designing of Existing factories as per.

  • Modern Technology by Evaluating Facilities.All existing facilities well be throughly evaluated to meet the future needs as well as utilize the existing facilities to their optimum and to recommended and propose either to replace or recommended instructions if new machinery.
  • Restructuring entire facility.
  • Redesign all relevant utility plans.
  • Providing new work place management.

Mobile Financial Service.

  • My cash Mobile Banking _Mercantile Bank Ltd._(Distributor)
  • IFIC Mobile Banking _IFIC Bank Ltd. _(Distributor)
  • Telecast Mobile Banking _Southeast Bank Ltd. _(Distributor)
  • Ucash Mobile Banking _United Commercial Bank Ltd. _(Distributor)
  • Mcash Mobile Banking_ Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (Corporate Agent Kawran Bazar Br.)

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Implementation.

  • Providing consultancy to implements ISO 9001:2000 Management systems for its maximum business benefits by guaranteeing successful certification by party auditors.

Project Supervision/Audit

  • Detail full time supervision work by engaging degree engineer or diploma engineer.
  • Top supervision /Audit by senior engineer/Compliance Expert.

Appropriate Planning & Designing.

  • Area analysis as per production of total project.
  • Individual Area Calculation for Storing,cutting,Sewing,Finishing Utilities and other comon facilities.
  • Oxygen Blast screen Wall Design for Oxygen factory.
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