Mission : Safety & Planing First on work.
Vision : Quality & Services Comes First, Profit is it's Logical Sequence.

Services of Nandanick Power Engineering Company

Bangladesh is a developing country. Telecommunication is growing faster in Bangladesh. Now we would like to introduce ourselves as Nandanick Power Engineering Company. Manufacturer & Assembler of reliable Power, Electronics, electrical products, Nandanick Chula, & Nandanick aviation light controller to meet the im- balanced power condition of Bangladesh through Nandanick Power System. A group of young, energetic and experienced engineer are working with immense dedication to develop reliable power production. The Aviation light unit consists of LED. This Light is operated by DC 48V. We design Aviation Light which requires only 0.4 A0 to .6A (MAX). It causes less effect for 48v Supply. We Design controller that controls the aviation light control panel and indicates any fault even in the day. Controller checks total light unit once per 60 minutes (one check / 60 minutes).

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